The Keith Olbermann Show did an excellent piece on the strategic battle going on between The Feds and BP.  Basically, the Feds led by Admiral Thad Allen want to play it conservatively by using a game plan that opens the valves on the well to relieve pressure until the relief wells kill the well which might happen in the middle of August.  The Federal Government wants the  full collection of all oil blowing from the well by a fleet of collection ships on the surface.  They reason that this scenario will lessen the risk of further damage to the well bore, casing, etc.  by BP keeping the well fully capped and under constant 6800 PSI pressure.  BP spokesman Doug Suttles has just stated the BP will keep the well fully closed until the relief wells are ready for the “kill”.

In my opinion, BP is taking a tremendous risk in keeping the cap fully closed.  There are signs, documented by many sources, that pressure is building at the seafloor adjacent to the well head.  Worst case might be that methane and oil seeps accelerate in the vicinity of the well head and start destabilizing the seafloor through accelerated erosion.  If this were to happen….?  Use your imagination,  it’s frightening.  Nothing is worth this risk, in my opinion.

Watch Lawrence  O’Donnell interview Oil Industry Expert Robert Cavnar for the full story: