“It appears that some of our elected officials, as well as many in the media, are buying BP’s that most of the oil spilled has miraculously vanished and that the disaster really isn’t so bad after all. The spin put out by BP’s public relations campaign since the April disaster in the Gulf, at a cost of about $100 million, seems to be working. But the truth is that BP and its partners have transformed themselves into modern-day “pirates,” operating beyond law or conscience. When BP announced that over 75% of the oil it had spilled into the Gulf had miraculously vanished, the federal government and many in the media appeared to accept it without question. Let’s take a look at what BP has said over the past months.

When the spill first became public, BP said only 1,000 barrels of oil were escaping. Then the oil giant changed its estimate to 5,000 barrels and then it suddenly stopped talking publicly about the massive volume of oil being released. We now learn that BP had internal documents that indicated it knew almost 60,000 barrels per day was being spilled into the Gulf.

Despite an ever-expanding estimate of the volume of the spill, relatively little oil washed ashore at first, and only a small portion ever will. Instead, trapped below the surface, the oil fouls the ocean’s deep depths. There is a toxic mix of oil, methane, chemical dispersants, and drilling mud below the surface of the Gulf. Nobody with walking around sense would believe that the threat from the oil spill is anywhere close to being under control. The relatively small amounts of oil washing ashore, and the “relief” felt when the surface oil began to dissipate, hardly account for the devastation being done at the bottom of the Gulf and in the waters below the surface. Recent reports by independent scientists indicate there are plumes of oil beneath the surface throughout the Gulf that are 20 miles long.

I have been surprised that many in the media have virtually ignored the chemicals used by BP. I believe the 2 million gallons of Corexit poured into the oil spill has created a calamity in the Gulf. The effects of the chemicals dumped in by BP won’t be known for years. The effect of the chemicals was to keep the oil about 50-100 feet below the surface where it couldn’t be accounted for. Then much of the oil sank to the bottom because of the chemicals. I am told by experts that the chemicals turn the oil and chemical mix into a neutrally buoyant emulsion, which will stay down deep and go anywhere and everywhere over time.

It’s difficult to understand how the EPA and Coast Guard could allow these misconceptions to exist and linger on. The lack of a plan by either BP or the government to deal with a massive spill of this sort is impossible to comprehend. Maybe somebody in authority should have asked BP why the United Kingdom banned Corexit. By the way, it should be noted that Corexit is owned indirectly by BP and Exxon. BP had to know that Corexit is hazardous to health. By its own internal reports, Corexit can cause red blood cell, liver, kidney and respiratory malfunctions or failure in humans and sea life.”

Written by Beasley Allen on Tuesday, September 21, 2010